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The Justice Index in the News

(May 11, 2016) Hawaii courts top nation with support for non-English speakers

(May 11, 2016) Hawaii court interpreter service gets top national ranking

(May 11, 2016) Hawai’i Courts Rank Third in Accessibility

(May 11, 2016) Hawaii court interpreter service gets top national ranking

(May 10, 2016) Access to Justice Best in D.C. and Massachusetts, Worst in Mississippi and Wyoming

(March 28, 2016) Bob Herbert’s Op-Ed.TV: David Udell on Legal Representation in Civil Court

(March 1, 2016) Justice Moves Slowly For Those Who Need Interpreters

(February 2016) White House Legal Aid Interagency Roundtable: Civil Legal Aid Research Workshop Report

(January 2016) What to Do With Your Bonus

(December 2015) Report: Comparative Justice Policy Workshop

(September 5, 2015) For criminal justice reform, look to civil legal aid

(June 29, 2015 ) The Justice Gap: How Big Law Is Failing Legal Aid

(February 8, 2015) Survey: Language barriers persist in Pa.’s district courts

(November 27, 2014) Some Observations on the Newly Updated Justice Index

(2014) States ranked according to Access to Justice for people with disabilities

(November 25, 2014) States Ranked On Court Accessibility

(November 18, 2014) ‘Justice Index’ puts Kentucky courts near bottom in nation for service to disadvantaged

(November 18, 2014) Equal justice also means equal access

(November 17, 2014) State’s access to court ranks lowest in US

(November 17, 2014) Illinois ranks 49th for how court system serves disadvantaged

(November 17, 2014) Connecticut courts rank highest for access

(November 15, 2014) Hawaii ranks well in access to justice

(June 5, 2014) Access to Justice Initiatives in the Trial Court: 2009-2014

(March 11, 2014) Providing Language Access in the Courts: Working Together to Ensure Justice

(March 3, 2014) An Access To Justice Scorebook: Even the best states post so-so grades

(February 28, 2014) THE JUSTICE INDEX

(February 27, 2014) Online Justice Index Maps Legal Access in America

(February 26, 2014) A Big Day — The Justice Index is Launched

(February 26, 2014) Project Measures Access to Civil Legal Services

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